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Zaer Ltd. International - Coastal Blue Pelican Garden Figurines in 4 Assorted Styles

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Per Faire's Listing Policy, this item is listed with a minimum 4 Piece Requirement. 4pcs = 1 set. (ie. when you order a case of 4 you are NOT ordering 4 sets, you are ordering 1 set of 4pcs) Give any area a coastal, beachy vibe with our Set of 4 Coastal Blue Pelicans. Each pelican has a personality of its own, making them perfect to split up for individual retail purchase. Crafted from powder coated iron, and hand painted to perfection, these make wonderful decorative pieces, both indoors and out. - Weather & rust resistant - Distressed coastal blue finish - Attention to fine details and textures - Freestanding - Packaged 1 set per carton - 1 set= 4 pieces. 1 set cost= $140.60 Product Dimensions: 1.) 18.25"X9.15"X26.5"H. 2.) 20"X9"X23.25"ZH. 3.) 16.5"X8.75"X26.5"H. 4.) 16"X8.752"X26"H.