XXVAY.EU - Light Up Garden Ball with Color Changing LED Lights

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šš„š€š”š“šˆš…š”š‹ š‚š‡š€šš†šˆšš† š‚šŽš‹šŽš‘š’ šˆš š•šˆšš‘š€šš“ š‡š”š„š’ - These LED RBG ball lights automatically change color every 25 seconds for a remarkable effect that wow's all your guests. šŒš€šŠš„š’ š˜šŽš”š‘ šš€š‘š“š˜ š…š”š - These floating balls add brilliant color, energy, and excitement to backyard, pool, and rooms. These balls are a big 16 inches. They light up the entire area with fabulous changing color. šŒš”š‹š“šˆ-šš”š‘ššŽš’š„ š†šˆš…š“š’ š…šŽš‘ š€šš˜ šŽš‚š‚š€š’šˆšŽš - These outdoor decorations work well for festivals, schools, church functions, fountains, garden, pathway, birthdays, or simply to make nighttime BBQ's more enjoyable. ššŽ šš„š„šƒ š“šŽ š–šŽš‘š‘š˜ š€ššŽš”š“ šš€š“š“š„š‘š˜ - These glow balls naturally charge during the day, then illuminated automatically at night. You can set it and forget it to make an easy instant improvement to your home, pool, pond and backyard.