TOSSWARE - POP 12oz Can - Recyclable Beer Cup

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A classic shape fused with modern functionality, TOSSWARE’s 12oz Can glasses add a trendy twist to your favorite soda, beer, or cocktail. They deliver the sophisticated look and feel of glass and the peace of mind you need from knowing they won't ever shatter, break, or crack. The best part is that they're made with recycled water bottles and are 100% recyclable, making them more eco-friendly than regular disposables. Though they're sustainably lightweight, they're sturdier than the usual, and its patented Pop 'n Lock feature allows for easy and secure stacking for storage. Rest assured they're entirely BPA-free and made in food-grade facilities with the highest cleanliness in the U.S. and Taiwan. They're the ultimate party vessel that's good looking, functional and sustainable! Care instructions: to reuse, hand wash only with a gentle, non-abrasive sponge. Not for use with hot liquids or dishwashers.