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The French D.N.A - Marseille soap cube Olive oil - Marius Fabre

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Made from vegetable oils, free of artificial colourings, fragrance and synthetic products, our Olive oil Marseille soap cube is natural and effective and recommended for sensitive and reactive skin. Gentle on the environment (biodegradable), it is extremely economical and lasts even longer if left to dry out. The traditional Marseille soap manufacturing process is a guarantee of "Extra Pure" soap with no impurities. Gentle on all types of skin including babies, people with allergies, etc. Thanks to the nourishing properties of olive oil, it helps your skin to keep a natural moisture balance. · Formula: 100% natural, made from olive and coconut oil. 72% Oil. · NO : artificial colouring, added fragrances, phosphate, preservatives, chemical additives. · Biodegradable. It doesn't pollute rivers and helps protect the environment. · Extremely economical. · Recyclable packaging. · Made in France. You can use it for cleaning your hands, face and body. Avoid contact with eyes.