Sunset Vista Designs

Sunset Vista Designs - Vintage Copper Spinner Stake 38"

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Energize & cast positive blessings with the Vintage Copper Sunface Wind Spinner. As known, the Sun symbolizes abundance, continuity, stability, positive energy, hope, happiness, and peace. This classic design features a fixed blue glass center dial with an embedded sun face. Eight glass beads extended from the face, representing the different phases of the day. While the center remains stationary, any gentle breeze will free spin the copper tone sun blades The Here Comes the Sun collection brings wind spinners that dance in the breeze, capture attention, mesmerize and delight. With just a little wind, these spinners are ready to shine as cheery decor. Ideal as gifts or as decorative garden art to keep for yourself, these kinetic spinners will move with eye catching beauty for years to come.