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Sunset Vista Designs - Glass Wasp Traps 4 Assorted

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Bring peace of mind to your outdoor gatherings with a beautiful and reusable wasp/yellow-jacket trap that's a green alternative to pesticides and other preventative measures. Bait with sweetened fruit juice or a small piece of meat/grease (not included), and wasps and yellowjackets fly in and are unable to escape the funnel shape of the bottom tunnel, while helpful bees remain uninterested! Do you have problems with wasps in your garden? Your next summer party or BBQ can be more pleasant if the wasps end up in these traps instead of in your drink! Keep it colorful and safe at your next gathering with the Sunset Vista Designs Decorative & Functional Glass Insect Trap. An organic and natural way to manage wasps, hornets, yellow-jackets and still protect beneficial honeybees.