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Soy Aroma Candle Co. - Bath salts | test tubes | NO LABEL | dry flowers

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Aromatherapy bath salts that combine magnesium and sulfate to offer you the most luxurious relief from stress or muscle. All the scent choices will help give off a very beautiful and refreshing smell Size: 0.8 inches × 3.9 inches / Volume: 25ml Ingredients: Organic and premium epsom salt, Himalayan salt, and pure essential oils. Herbs and flowers are organic and safe to use. There are NO carcinogens or harmful toxins, NEVER tested on animals, Alcohol free, & NON-GMO. These bath salts are in a plastic test tube. They are perfect for a single use bath soak. Scent options: •LAVENDER- dried lavender buds, essential oils, Epsom Salt •FLORAL ROSES- Dried Roses, Epsom Salt, essential oils •Jasmine- Dried jasmine flowers, Epsom Salt, Essential Oils