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My Amigos Imports - Rustic Farmhouse Wood Pizza Board-Tray-Natural Wood Tone

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Decorative only and not food safe. NEW item for us; These lightweight wooden bread/pizza boards are super nice and perfect for any kitchen decor. You have a choice of three designs. We have a very limited quantities on these just so we can test the market. NOTE: Please understand that these bowls are a natural handmade product and will never be perfect. That is what makes them rustic and beautiful. Tone, smoothness, shape etc, all rustic and never machine made. Please keep that in mind when you buy these. Size may vary a bit. Put away the tape measure please!!!! That is the beauty of hand made items. And photos are just that... and are a representation. Each individual board will vary as they are handmade. Some will be lighter, some darker, some.......... keep that in mind. *Wood is usually Spanish Oak or Pine Wooden Bread Pizza Boards-Natural Wood tone Size: Rectangular:8W x 25L x .5D in Square:11W x 20L x .5D in Round:12W x 20L x .5D in