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mist & sea - Amethyst "Intuitive Wisdom" Crystal Air Plant Holder

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Amethyst represents listening to your intuition, releasing fear, and embracing a calm mind. This piece is a reminder that you are safe trusting the knowledge inside of you, to let fear go, to sit in silence so that the subtle yet powerful voice of your own intuition can be heard. Hand-crafted & environmentally conscious air plant decor. Product features ✦1 - 2 inch Live Air Plant (Tillandsia Ionantha) ✦1 - 2 inch Amethyst Crystal (select size) ✦Crystal Meaning Card ✦Detailed Plant Care Instructions Just as what we see in nature varies, you will see some slight variations in sizes, colors, and shapes of air plants and crystals. [ AIR PLANT CARE ] ✦Mist air plant thoroughly or dunk in water 1-2x per week ✦Dry in a place with air flow ✦Air plants like bright indirect sunlight, or bright indoor lighting [COLD/ HOT WEATHER SHIPPING] Bring your live plants indoors immediately after they arrive, especially in more extreme temperatures (below 40, above 90).