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The bottom of the stairs and stair landings can quickly become cluttered with unnecessary objects, forcing multiple trips up and down tidying. The Maison & White Seagrass Stair Basket is an amazing accessory that can help bring some order to your home; whether it's for transporting items up and down stairs or for a handy place to keep hats, gloves, or dog leads. Featuring a special cut-out section that is designed to reduce the risk of any potential hazards, the basket will sit comfortably on each level of your stairs and will remain stable. With an easy carry handle, just fill the basket up and the next time you go upstairs, just grab it and go! ELDERLY AID As we all get older, we don't want to be juggling armfuls of items as we go up and down the stairs, increasing the possibility of hazards and harm. Reduce extra bending, stretching, and strain and use the Maison & White Stair Basket as a carrying aid. EASY CLEAN Over time it's easy for things to gather dust and need a clean.