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Maison & White - Geometric Plant Pots - Set of 3 | M&W Grey

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Having nice looking plant pots is half of the job when displaying your beautiful succulent plants. The Set of 3 Maison & White Geometric Plant Pots not only look great around your home but keep your plants healthy too, with the draining hole located on the bottom to allow them to drain any excess water and connect with soil so your plants last as long as possible. Included are three different sized pots so you can store your small, medium or larger plants in them for perfect and colourful home decoration.ASSORTED SET OF THREEThis set comes in three sizes that all complement each other, looking great in your living room, kitchen, hallway or on any windowsill. They can even be placed separately around your home adding a nice touch to multiple rooms. These plant pots are perfect for most sized succulent plants, whether that's a bonsai or smaller cacti.INTELLIGENT DESIGNThe drainage hole at