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Koru Street - Klikety Klik Gift Box - Recycled water bottle

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In order to have more design options for everyone, we're putting the designs on sale that we have have an overly large number of in order to make space for new designs. Take advantage of this very rare sale. The “Klikety Klik” is a gift box handmade in South Africa from discarded plastic drink bottles, although beautiful enough to be a gift in itself. Designs are created by decoupaging paper napkins and each box is unique. Add potpourri, jewelry or your favorite treat for a totally unusual package. Or illuminate with a battery-operated candle. As the box will still hold water, it can also be used for a plant or flowers when open. Flaps can be closed in any order and will stay closed even upside down. The boxes often look best with one flap on top, so a decorative button is added here. 3 sizes: Mini – 2.5″ wide, 2.5″ high closed, 3.5″ open Small – 3″, wide, 3″ high closed, 4.5″ open Large – 5″ wide, 4″ high closed, 6″ open