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Daughter Handwovens - Monstera Soap Holder

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No bathroom is complete without a unique way to display your artisan soaps. ;) These new Cedar and Maple Wood Monstera Soap Holders are a unique and fun way to do just that. Display Artisan handmade soap upright to see that lovely cut or flat to highlight the decorative tops. Either way you'll get a glimpse of the monstera leaf pattern below. We won't judge if it's used for other kinds of soap either, promise. These soap holders are laser cut using a cedar or maple plywood that is then sealed to protect from continuous water damage. Cedar is one of the best woods for wet uses and will help this piece to last in the bathroom, kitchen, or shower. They are also stored and packaged flat for easier shipping and packing. The Cedar we use is an aromatic cedar with a slightly purple hue and lighter stripes. Colors may vary slightly from one another or pictures.