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Darrellene Designs, LLC - Blue Rooster Lazy Susan

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Blue Rooster Lazy Susan. Our beautiful giclée of our hand-painted Blue Rooster on 1/2" domestic wood. Our custom designs, inspired by vintage French cheese labels are available in different sizes to fit any room or environment. Dare to stand out with our unique designs that are sure to make a statement in your home. They also can be hung outside on your patio and handle the sun, rain, and snow. Proudly made in the USA! This Blue Rooster is a classic and has been a customer favorite since day one. NEW LAZY SUSAN DEVICE ON NEW ORDERS We are unable to get the Round Lazy Susan devices for the 15" at this time, so we will be substituting the square one shown in the picture below. It will function the same just look a little different. That way you can still order our beautiful lazy susans