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Cypress Linen / Bluff City Bedding - Cypress Linen Original Bamboo Comfort Memory Soft Foam Cool Pillows

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Cypress Linen:  Enjoy the best night of sleep you've ever had with the world's most fantastic pillow! Bamboo pillows will never go flat and will last for years! The hypoallergenic bamboo cover allows the pillow to stay cooler than any other pillow. You can even wash the casing every time you wash your sheets! The 100 percent shredded memory foam stuffing keeps your neck straight at all time which helps with neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, migraines and snoring! This pillows is perfect for back, stomach, and side sleepers! Enjoy a better night of sleep with a bamboo comfort pillow! The pillow will arrive in a vacuum sealed packaging and will need a few minutes of fluffing by hand to break up the foam before it ready to sleep on   Queen Bamboo Pillows 20" x 29"  King Bamboo Pillows 20" x 34"  Pair of Queen Bamboo Pillows (2 Pillows) 20" x 29"  Pair of King Bamboo Pillows (2 Pillows) 20" x 34"