Coucou Bamboo

Coucou Bamboo - Disposable Bamboo Utensils, Party Spoons

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Forks: approx. 6.7" long (17 cm) Spoons: approx. 6.7" long (17 cm) Knives: approx. 6.7" long (17 cm) Get some Bamboo cutlery to add that rustic charm for your next event. Perfect for lots of different treats. Made from bamboo, this set of cutlery is eco-friendly disposable cutlery. You can decorate these utensils with ribbon, vinyl or stickers to give them a personalized look. Please select the quantity you are looking to purchase. **Please note due to the natural make of these items, there may be slight variation in the colour and grain of each item you receive. These cutlery sets are perfect for eating on the go; you can use them whilst at work, for camping trips, picnics, festivals, events & much more. Our sustainable flatware utensils are everything you need to enjoy food without plastic pollution. It's fully compostable & acts as the perfect eco-friendly gift for that budding eco warrior.