Coucou Bamboo

Coucou Bamboo - 12" Wall Hanging Basket Planter

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Each basket features a circular frame and coconut husk fiber liner. Dimension: - Plant holder: 30x15x15 cm (12x6x6 inch) Our Hanging Coconut Shaped Planter is a great complement to any balcony or home entrance. Its natural design will create an environment of ease and simplicity. With flowers or succulents it will create a floral feel to your space! - Beautifully display plants and flowers with a traditional style plant baskets! - With a traditional look, this plant hanging basket set highlights your favorite plants and flowers with simplistic beauty. - Home and garden lovers will enjoy quick and easy planting with a few easy steps. - Both lovely and low maintenance, this garden essential is sure to accent your patio, lawn, or garden. - Made from 100% natural coconut fiber, coco liner keeps plant moisture, promotes air circulation, and reduces watering by 50%.