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Cooler Kitchen - Cooler Kitchen 3-Liter Kitchen Compost Bin w/ EZ-No Lock Lid

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LOVE THE GARDENING? Simply put your food waste in our kitchen countertop compost bin, and you can produce high-quality soil that is much cheaper than buying it from a garden store. Compost soil is dense and rich in nutrients. The unique lift cap feature of the light allows you to gently lift it up when you're ready to deposit your kitchen scraps in it without the hassle of a lock or latch, while still effectively sealing in odors and unwanted guests. This is an affordable and eco-friendly way to benefit your garden, garden, and flower beds. Easy to carry handle BLOCK THE ODOR AND NO FRUIT FLIES: Our kitchen compost bin comes with two thick activated carbon filters to trap and absorb odors, leaving your kitchen smelling fresh and clean. The lid effectively blocks odors and keeps fruit flies away. Our compost bin is ideal for apartments, offices, homes and much more.