Auto Fire Guard

Auto Fire Guard - Automatic Fire Extinguisher Ball + Stand // Maltese Cross

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Automatic Fire Extinguisher Ball + Stand // Maltese Cross // 11lbs. šŸ”„ Puts fire out automatically- this innovative & lavishly decorated fire extinguisher apparatus automatically detects fire and deploys using a micro gas generating system much like an airbag to disperse a dry chemical into a fire and put it out. unlike traditional fire extinguishers, this bad boy attacks the entire fire area at once. Only fire will activate it, and once it does, the ball safely stops the chemical reaction of all fire types by blocking carbon from reacting with oxygen- yep, that's right, no more carbon monoxide! The oxygen remains at normal atmospheric levels of 21%, in other words, the fireball is safe for all people, pets, and the environment. Weight; 11.5.