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Armadale Brands - Homeart Retro Gauge Kettle (Black)

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Elevate your kitchen countertop with Homeart! Appliances made to be seen, our quality toasters and kettles come in a variety of design collections. This fan-favorite cordless 1.7L guage kettle is part of the Homeart Retro collection and incorporates gorgeous retro details, brushed stainless steel housing and comes in a variety of colors. [info_1] * Quick boil: This1500-watt kettle brings water to a rolling boil in just a couple minutes! * Cordless convenience and thoughtful design: Conveniently boils water right on the countertop and the cordless design allows for easy filling and serving; power-base with 30-inch power cord for flexible placement, plus cord-wrap facility in the base for compact storage.